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Dr. Bonner's - All-One - our world, our nature, our mission

"In coming home, it's not only about us but also about our soap. Just like our grandfather, Dr. Emanuel Bronner, for us it's about the most naturally pure soap imaginable, which is also a symbol of how each person can truly make a difference in the world." Since 1858, the Bronner family manufactures soaps always with the desire to offer an ideal product for you and for nature. The company is now run by the third generation of the family, which remains faithful to a long tradition where quality is synonymous with integrity.


The promise of Dr. Bronner's: Quality since 1858. Dr. Bronner's offers a range of skin care and body hygiene formulated from active organic oils carefully selected. Since 2005, the four components (coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil and mint essential oil), which represent 95% of raw ingredients are produced under fair trade and organic quality certified partnerships. Choosing Dr. Bronner's means adhering to a philosophy, working with people we know, through transparent channels, where everyone gets a fair price for his labor and where everyone works together to provide us with products of rare quality. Soaps wash but do not dry, lotions moisturize but do not grease, balms effectively repair dry and damaged skin and subtle natural perfumes transport our senses.


We love this soap because it instantly transforms the shower into a refreshing experience. Orange and lemon extracts stimulate the skin and invigorate the body, and its content of vegetable glycerin helps to maintain hydration. Gone are the sensation of dry skin that feels tight, now after every shower, your skin is soft and delicately scented.