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Oh qu'il est bio - Le Bio fun pour bébé et sa maman

How many young parents went through specialized shops, websites, blogs in search of THE PERFECT hygiene product for their baby? (List to Santa: a mild product, smelling good, pretty, innocent, with a minimum of ingredients and that is good for my baby) How many ended frustrated and ultimately satisfied themselves with what the market offered more similar to their expectations? LOTS! But this is not the case with Stephanie who, after this unsuccessful quest came to the conclusion that one is best served by itself. Thank you Stephanie for listening to that inner voice that led you to look further and to offer us this lovely brand of toiletries for baby combining organic, chic and fun "Oh qu’il est Bio !"


The promise of "Oh qu’il est Bio !" : The good ingredient, right dose, fun in bonus. A complete range of hygiene for baby and mom with pretty, funny, refillable and recyclable packaging. Gentle formulas for baby's skin and a limited number of ingredients, as many is already too much. A formulation based on organic ingredients carefully selected and "aluminum bottles, colorful and funny, that will wonderfully decorate the bathroom and the nursery."


Exchange a moment of tenderness and complicity with your baby during the bath thanks to this washing gel. Extra soft, it is especially suitable for sensitive skin and fine hair of newborns. Formulated with organic verbena floral water and vegetable glycerin, cleanses gently and helps maintain hydration of your baby’s skin. To try it is to adopt it, then do like us and let yourself be seduced!

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