Products proposed by Organic M.A.K.E - The power of a smile

Organic M.A.K.E - The power of a smile

"Women are my inspiration." For Charlotte FNUG Munksgaard, even the simple fact of splashing your face with water in the morning can be a beauty gesture if that is what suits you best. She thinks that the ideal is to find your own routine, simple gestures, non-binding, best suited to each individual and which offer you maximum comfort. She does not believe in the accumulation and will not sell you a ton of products that end up gathering dust on the shelf of your bathroom because you do not have time to use them all or you simply forgot in which complicated routine they fit. The brand she launched, Organic MAKE, aims at making daily care the most simple and accessible to many women. But do not be mistaken, if the routine is simple, developed formulas are complex and offered solutions hyper effective.


The brand offers a short and effective range of care that draws its full potential in the ocean. Each product contains a unique blend of algae to fight against the natural degeneration of cells and stimulate microcirculation to help your skin breathe and regenerate. Minerals meanwhile, cleanse, nourish and protect. The packaging are researched and give each product a specific identity. Work on textures and flavors is meticulous,  to ensure that your skin is pampered, your senses awakened and to boost your mood.


A sumptuous cocktail of oils and algae, which helps dry skin to restore suppleness, hydration and radiance. It is formulated with mango butter that melts instantly on contact with the skin and provides immediate comfort. His precious green algae complex, stimulates the cells and helps even out skin tone while the combined Cornflower Oil Arnica stimulates circulation of your skin to help fight the irritation and redness. We love his greed, his practice hyper pump bottle and fawn colors that make us want to go on an adventure!