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FNUG - Your Fashion Statement

The nail polish has never been welcome in Charlotte’s childhood home. As child or even teenager, the interdiction was there and it undoubtedly fueled the young woman’s obsession for varnish when, at 19, she sets out to conquer the world. Assuming proudly her madness for varnish, she observed, tracked, tested and enjoyed the best nail polish, for which trend, finishing and maintenance combine to form a beautiful trinity. The logical consequence of these polishous adventures ? FNUG, Charlotte’s colorful baby and the best friend of our nails.


Impeccable nails reflect the care you have for your person. This satisfaction that goes along with the feeling of being cared for from head to toe should never be underestimated. It is for this reason that FNUG continues to anticipate the trend to offer you the IT colors and make sure your nails are always IN. Because a nail is not just a nail. Because your hands are your first impression, all FNUG varnish are resistant to shocks , they hold flawlessly and longer. Thanks to their unique cocktail made of caviar, vitamins A, D , E and B they give your nails all the nutrition and protection they need . Rich with nourishing proteins and hardening silica, they ensure not only the beauty but also the health of your nails. Their special formulation ensures unparalleled brightness , long-lasting , intense color and the icing on the cake , they are Formaldehyde FREE, Toluene FREE and Dibutyl Phthalate FREE.


You want to have perfect nails, well designed, hyper solid, the kind that you could ask a manicure for but you do not want to damage your fingernails ? The FNUG Igel Manicure will now be your best friend. It will bring you this high-gloss finish and this gel aspect on the natural nail. Test, enjoy and adopt this single finish layer that leaves a thin gel layer on the nail giving you a professional manicure finish on natural nails and remove it as easily as you applied using your usual solvent.