Products proposed by Baxter of California - Cutting-edge men’s skincare

Baxter of California - Cutting-edge men’s skincare

Baxter Finley is the unsung father of the care industry for men. He left New York for Los Angeles in the mid-60s to work in the fast paced world of advertising. There he realizes that the heat and constant sun have a negative impact on his skin. He starts looking for a moisturizer that is not pink or floral. Not finding his happiness, he gives up the search and creates his own care, he called Super Shape. He launched in 1965 the first line of grooming products dedicated to the men and called Baxter of California.


The promise of Baxter of California: Old school in concept, high-tech in practice. With a full range of products for face, hair and body, Baxter is everything a modern man needs. This brand at the forefront of the trend, has kept wonderfully its DNA anchored in the world of 60s barber shop while operating a complete renewal in terms of look and technology. Ideal for all skin types, Baxter’s cares can be used alone or in tandem providing men with intelligent solutions for anti-aging, shaving, hygiene and skin care issues.


The After-Shave Balm is more than aftershave, upon application, it instantly soothes razor burn and neutralizes irritation. Reach on your skin after applying and see how it is soft, moisturized, nourished. We like its alcohol-free formula, gorged with glycerin, aloe vera and allantoin to soothe and prepare the skin to face daily aggressions. And not to spoil anything, its light texture absorbs quickly and leaves your skin as naked but soft and comfortable.