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Exozen - Dermo-cosmétique bio et écologique

Based in Lyon and created in 2011, Exozen is a French Dermo Cosmetics and organic brand but not like the others ... The founder, Jeanne Plonquet imagined a brand very colored, original, urban and offset. The seven deadly sins are the structuring element of its brand which invites us all to travel in a world of lust, gluttony, sloth and more.


The promise of Exozen: Maximum efficiency with minimal product. A range of products 100% dedicated to face care, which provides a targeted response to each skin type. These ultra concentrated active ingredients can soothe sensitive skin nourish dry ones and purify oily skin. Colorful packaging and a lot of work on the textures and fragrances make it a brand 100% pleasure. Airless  Packaging and pump bottle minimize the preservatives and allow you to have the right amount of product each time. And icing on the cake, the Exozen products are certified organic.


Anti aging, anti pockets, concealer, this complex 3 in 1 formulated with menthol extract, guarana and hyaluronic acid relieves congestion, reduces dark circles and fills wrinkles in a few minutes. Do not be afraid to look tired, bloated, half asleep. From jumping out of bed, the Exozen Eye Contour gives a boost to your look and you're confident and ready for an amazing day !