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Téane - La Gamme 100% Maman

Téane was born in 2008, when Agnes Ducrocq, passionate about cosmetics, came across en exceptional Malagasy plant, Cassia Alata. Trained chemist Agnes operates a complete change of career at 30 years. She leaves her job and decides to pursue her passion, cosmetics. She then finds in herself the will to create her own brand, that she imagines organic, and to provide its customers with new cosmetic solutions for specific skin problems. After traveling the world in search of the miracle ingredient, Agnes discovers Madagascar, Cassia Alata, known for its healing virtues plant, which helps Malagasy women to take care of their skin during pregnancy.


Promise of Téane: The efficiency of conventional cosmetic combined with the safety organic cosmetics. A short but comprehensive range consisting of 4 products providing a real solution to stretch marks completely safe for pregnant women without compromising on the pleasure thanks to extensive work on textures and fragrances.


With its unique patented complex based on Cassia Alata, this cream is stretch mark’s worse enemy. Its pleasant texture that penetrates quickly and delicate fragrance will make you addicted. This cream is ideal for pregnant women’s dry and sensitive skin. Feel free to use it also as body care if it pleases you. We also love the stretch Mark Prevention Program: First Care Stretch Marks Cream + Generous Soothing Oil.